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3M 6095 Filtr A2P3

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3M™ Gas, Vapour and Particulate Filters have a bayonet-style connection that fits a wide range of compatible half and full-face 3M™ Reusable Masks. The swept back profile is designed to optimise your field of vision. Our range of lightweight filters offer well-balanced breathing protection for hazardous environments.

For breathing protection against a combination of vapours, gases and particulates, use 3M™ Gas, Vapour and Particulate Filters. Simply choose the filter type that’s suitable for your individual needs and requirements, align the connection and twist to lock into place. They’re compatible with our range of compatible reusable half and full-face masks* (with a bayonet style connection) for safe working in a wide range of hazardous environments. Our lightweight filters combine protection with comfort. They offer low breathing resistance and good balance when connected to your mask and the swept back profile is designed to optimise your field of vision. They can be clicked into place quickly and easily, and they can be used with any half and full-face 3M™ Reusable Masks that feature a bayonet-style connection. To identify which filter is suitable for your environment, and to aid in the implementation of a filter changeout schedule, please use the 3M Service Life and Select Software, available from www.3m.com/sls. *6098 and 6099 are not suitable for use with half mask respirators.



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