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Ansell 04-005 AlphaTec rękawice

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Robust, long-cuffed PVC gloves, offering grip, comfort and chemical resistance
Heightened protection: With their special PVC and nitrile formulation, AlphaTec 04-005 protective gloves blend high-level chemical resistance*,
abrasion protection and sustained flexibility, even at low temperatures
Food handling compliance: These latex-free industrial gloves also satisfy FDA and EU food processing and hygiene norms, resulting in ideal
food safety gloves for a variety of applications Increased comfort: Thanks to their 13-gauge seamless cotton design, they offer an excellent
balance between personal protection and user comfort
Enhanced features: These AlphaTec gloves’ foam grip design guards against oil and grease, while maintaining superb grip in wet and oily environments, and their 38cm/15″ glove length further enhances wearer protection
Advanced ergonomics: In addition, their ergonomic hand shape further enhances wearer comfort and makes them easy to use over a prolonged period

6 chemicals certified (JKLMPT) out of 18 EN ISO
374:2016; an additional 5 chemicals (AFNOS) have achieved a permeation level 2 or higher in an accredited lab




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