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OF-90 NBC A2B1E1P3 D R filtr do CM-6

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(122.16 netto)

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Protective Filter OF – 90

A2B1E1P3 D R

Combined protective filter: TP-SIGMA 578-1/98
Body made of special plastic material
Dimensions: diameter 11O mm, height 73 mm, weight 285 g
Breathing resistance at: 30 I/min – 180 Pa
Filtration efficiency: 8·1O- 3% (0.008%} particle sizes
Thread connection: EN 148-1 Rd 40xl /7″
Standards: TP-SIGMA 578-1/98

Range of protection

Organic, inorganic, acid, sour gases and vapours, chlorine, cyclohexane, toluene, al­ cohol, halogens, phosgene, hydrogen cyanide, chloropicrin, sarin, somane, yperite, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, cyanogen chloride, formaldehyde, bromine, hy­ drogen chloride and fluoride, dust and fluid particles, aerosols, toxic fumes, biological solids and liquid aerosols, radioactive aerosols, bacteria and viruses.

Areas of use

Army units, police, special rescue teams, fire brigades, hospitals, laboratories, popu­ lations in endangered locations . Broad spectrum protection against warfare agents (suitable for special task forces).




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