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Petzl E060AA00 Tikkina 2022 szary

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Compact and lightweight: only 92 g
Homogeneous and comfortable proximity lighting:
– Wide, uniform beam so you can comfortably see up-close or at your feet
– Three lighting levels: MAX BURN TIME, STANDARD (better power/burn time balance) and MAX POWER
Easy to use:
– Single button for quick and easy lighting level selection
– Plate allows you to easily orient the lamp in desired direction
– Detachable, washable headband that is symmetrical for easy adjustment
– HYBRID CONCEPT design: TIKKINA® comes with 3 AAA/LR03 batteries and is also compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery (not included); it automatically detects the energy source and adjusts lighting performance
– Compatible with the HELMET ADAPT and BIKE ADAPT 2 mounts, so you can fix the lamp on a variety of helmet types or a bicycle (1)

(1) WARNING: This lamp is not certified for road use: when used in an area governed by traffic regulations, Petzl lights are not a substitute for required standardized lights.


Brightness: 300 lumens (ANSI/PLATO FL 1)
Weight: 92 g
Beam pattern: Flood
Energy: Three AAA/LR03 batteries (included) or CORE rechargeable battery (available as accessory)
Battery compatibility: Alkaline, lithium or Ni-MH rechargeable
Certification(s): CE
Watertightness: IPX4 (weather-resistant)



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